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Survey and Mapping of Areas of Interest

  • Experience and knowledge of the diverse conditions and farm productive regions of Brazil.
  • Rapid transportation, via aircraft, to the diverse surveyed areas.

Direct negotiation with land owner

  • Broad knowledge of the most productive hubs.
  • Assessment, identification, and direct negotiation with the owners of the productive rural areas.

International Investment Regularization

  • Planning and minimum bureaucratic burden in acquisition of the areas.
  • Interaction with public institutions and environmental agencies.
  • Competence in legislation applied to the investment of international capital in the real estate sector of rural Brazil.

Management and Development of initial Project

  • Technical competence in international agriculture and livestock industry.
  • Competence in environmental law and sustainable production.
  • Expertise in international precision agriculture.
  • Development of reforestation projects.
  • Complete management of the investment in agricultural production.
  • Expertise in production integration of crops, livestock and forestry (ILPF).
  • Training and localization for international managers in the specificities of the Brazilian production.
  • Application of information technology in Desk Web platform for the different sectors of the industry.
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